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Ultimate REFRESH


Professional Glycolic Wash 100ml


For all skin types. Contains the active natural clinically proven AHAs, glycolic and citric acid to renew and refresh by gently removing the build-up of dead skin cells together with salicylic acid to also remove impurities and excess oil. This combination will cleanse the skin and increase cell turnover revealing new younger looking cells while preparing the skin for the further application of recommended daily care. Ultimately feel refreshed instantly with a tingling sensation. Use SPF 15 or greater sunscreen to prevent greater sensitivity


Tips for Use - (To be added under description in shop)

Massage one pump onto dry skin. Leave on the skin for a few minutes to get to work before rinsing with warm water and patting dry. Do not use as an eye make-up remover. Can be used with the Skinov8 Aesthetics Ultimate Sonic Cleanse device. Can be used daily or on the advice of your Specialist.

Skinov8® Ultimate Refresh - Professional Glycolic wash

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