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Skinov8® Ultimate Sonic Cleanse is the multi-functional, professional skin care system that allows you to reveal more beautiful, smoother and brighter skin in just seven days.

Use it twice a day for 60 seconds to see and feel visible difference


Sonic treatments were once a salon-only based treatment but now you can conveniently enjoy the benefits in the comfort of your own home.


Your secret to beautuiful, smoother skin in 60 seconds per use. See the difference in 7 days


The Ultimate Sonic Cleanser is the 4 in 1 skin system to use daily as part of your skin care routine, for perfect skin revitalisation on any area of the face and body:


Exfoliation: removes dead skin cells revealing fresher, brighter skin.


Deeply Cleansing: removes the small particles of dirt, makeup and sebum that traps in the pores and follicles. This improves skin health, reduces skin blemishes and allows your skin to breathe.


Enhanced Penetration of Topical Skin Care: After exfoliating and cleansing with the Ultimate Sonic Cleanser, topical skin care solutions penetrate more easily through the skin barrier which allows them to be more effective in nourishing your skin.


Rejuvenating: through micro-massage which increases the flow of blood and nutrients to the tissue, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished as collagen is stimulated and your skin is rejuvenated.


Non-abrasive: unlike other sonic cleansing systems that work in a back and forth motion, Ultimate Sonic Cleanser vibrates 4,700 per minute which does not irritate the skin.



How to Use your Ultimate Sonic Cleanse

● Remove any make-up by hand

● Apply your prefered cleansing solution either to moistened skin or a dampened applicator brush

● Turn on the system

● Press onto the skin as firmly or lightly as feels comfortable to you

● Move the applicator in small, circular motions

Works effectively in just 60 seconds using either the microdermabrasion or sensitive brush.

1 & 2. Use for around 10 seconds on each cheek

3. Use for around 20 seconds on the forehead

4. Use for around 20 seconds on the nose and chin area

Application areas: In addition to facial use, the Ultimate Sonic Cleanser can also be applied to other areas of the body such as the arms, hands, shoulders, chest, back, legs and feet.


Additional Features


Water resistant, can be used in the shower.


Tabletop stand included.

Skinov8 Ultimate Sonic Cleanse

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